The Family Tennis Club
The Family Tennis Club

Membership & Club Tournament



How to join the club and become a member 

Send email to (Your child must be on a term course) 

Children who have just joined the coaching program receive free membership for the first term.

Membership Costs / TBA 

Membership Term 2020 / January 1st-December 31st

For new members pro rata can be applied after first term

N:B; We are unable to give any refunds for membership under any circumstances

Member benefits & Discounts

Non Member Benefits

Tennis Court Bookings and online

Free use of the tennis courts for the family for the whole year Cost TBA

You can also play with a guest

Tennis Court Bookings

Not available during our exclusive hours. 

Other hours cost £8 an hour

Individual lessons

Discount approx 15% / £30 an hour

2 people can share the cost

Individual lessons 

No discount / £35 an hour

2 people can share the cost

Holiday Courses

Discounted 50% off @ £8 a course

Holiday courses

No discount / £16 a course

Book term courses

20% off / Only pay £8 a lesson

Book term courses

No discount / Based on £10 a lesson

Club tournament every term 

Discounted 70% off only £3 for each player

Club tournament every term

No discount Cost £10 each player

Racquet restringing

Discounted  £16 a restring

Racquet Restring

No discount £18 a restring

                      GYM MEMBERSHIP

Discounted £20 a month


No discount £27 a month



Pay the entry fee shown below for each player. Then send a text to the head coach on (07779) 430179 . State the players name and term level class. 



Members £3 each player 

£36 membership fee / Pro rata applied if completed first term with us

Non members £10 each player or pay the membership fee and only pay £3


For Tournaments outside the club

click onto Junior tournament player link in menu 


Spring Term

Round Robin Singles 

Red & Orange  

Saturday March 21st @ 1.30-3pm

Orange & Green ball

Saturday February 8th @ 2.30pm-3.30pm

Yellow Div 4,3,2 

Saturday February 8th @ 3.30pm-6pm


Summer Term 

Round Robin Singles

Red & Orange  

Saturday TBA @ 1.30pm-2.45pm

Green & Yellow ball Div 4,3,2 

Saturday 13th June 2-6pm


Autumn Term 

Round Robin Singles 

Red & Orange  

Saturday 1.30pm-2.45pm TBA

Green & Yellow ball Div 4,3,2 

Saturday TBA  2pm-6pm


Adult & Junior American Doubles 

Yellow div 1,Premier & Adults 

Saturday 7th March @ 3.30pm-6pm

Venue Address

Tennis and Children

Winston Churchill School

Hermitage Road

St Johns's



GU21 8TL

''Do not use for correspondence'' 

Latest News


3 new tennis courts and floodlights just completed! Kinder on the body and easier to learn on than a tarmacadam court and great in rain or ice.



1944 SHOTS

Ella Harvey Yellow Premier

Anna Abramishvili Yellow Div 1

Did not miss a ball for 1 hour and 35 minutes

1010 SHOTS

Daniel Norton Yellow Division 1

Fraser Milligan Yellow Division 2


Federer funny video clip

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