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'Tennis & Children'  The Family Tennis Club 

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

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Next terms booking / We will reserve your child’s place every term and will not give it away to another child unless you cancel before the required time shown below                                                                                                                       

How to cancel future terms / Send cancellation text to the coach on (07779) 430179.You must state your child’s name

and class day and time. If parents do not give the required notice period shown below your child will automatically be

booked onto the following terms classes and then term fees would become payable at the required time. N:B: Week 3

cancellation shown below still applies even if your child’s class was unable to run week 1,2, or 3 for reasons out

of our control e.g. if venue was temporarily closed as in March, November 2020 & January 2021 i.e lockdown.                                                                                   

How to cancel when doing first ever term/ Send cancellation text within 21 days                                                                                                        How to cancel summer term / Send cancellation text before week 3 starts                                                                      

How to cancel autumn term / Send cancellation text before week 3 starts                                                                 

How to cancel Spring term / Send cancellation text before week 3 starts .

Venue closure / Lessons may move to another local venue or lessons can be made up during the holiday period.  

Alternatively when the term starts again children can make up lessons missed by doing another day or time their class

is on.  We may also be able to put on other days and times as well. We are unable to offer any refunds if the venue is

temporarily closed or classes cannot run for reasons out of our control. No refunds can be offered under any

circumstances unless we are unable to run the classes at a later date. If a term is missed due to any lockdowns

the government imposes, on reopening the term will be made up by running lessons on a Saturday afternoon or

Sunday throughout the day. These may be double lessons. If you are unable to do these times then your child may

do the other class time available.

I agree to pay my child’s terms coaching fees for the following term if I do not give the required notice stated above

#in ‘How to cancel future terms’. I understand that I cannot be offered any flexibility in this matter. N:B: I understand

that lessons are not cancelled for bad weather and that the coach will always turn up unless the venue is closed due to

snow. No refunds can be offered if venue closes for snow.                 


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Venue Address

Tennis and Children

Winston Churchill School

Hermitage Road

St Johns's



GU21 8TL

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Our Courts

3 tennis courts in excellent condition and floodlights just completed! Kinder on the body and great in rain or ice.



1944 SHOTS

Ella Harvey Yellow Premier

Anna Abramishvili Yellow Div 1

Did not miss a ball for 1 hour and 35 minutes

1010 SHOTS

Daniel Norton Yellow Division 1

Fraser Milligan Yellow Division 2





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