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Head Coach-Lessons & Restringing

Gary Stanford  

Teaching professionally for over 30 years. 

Pictured Left playing at Wimbledon (Nationals) 

Picture below playing ITF Grade 1 at Eastbourne

LTA  Level 4 coach & DBS checked & LTA licenced 

Teaching full time since 1987

Previously Head of Surrey LTA 10 & under boys coaching and talent I.D. Coached Surrey 10 & under girls.

Coached Surrey 11 & under boys & 14 & under boys

Previously head of 10 and under junior program at Chris Lane Tennis centre Woking 

Coached Guildford grammar to schools national title


£35 per hour

Contact Coach: Gary Stanford on (07779) 430179 

For players of all levels, however unco-ordinated you may think you are my aim will be to get you rallying the ball with correct style. Learn how to serve and play some points. Most of all to enjoy learning this wonderful game for life.



£10 each (Based on 4 players) 

You can arrange your own group and I can come to a court near

you or come to one of the venues I use to teach. Woking, Fleet or Yateley.

You can also contact me and I will put your name down with others to make a group.


Racquet Restringing 

Contact Gary Stanford on (07779) 430179

Racquets restrung at 55Ibs tension unless stated

I can get other strings and one that you may already use

Prince Synthectic gut 1.25mm / £20

Babolat Addiction Multifilament 1.25mm / £23

Tolason Ultrasoft Multifilament 1.3mm / £23

Toalson Rencon 1.3mm £23 (For string breakers)


Coaches playing history

Started at 15 years of age at Horley tennis club in Surrey. Went on to represent Surrey in the 21 under squad. Won singles & doubles matches. Represented Surrey and Hampshire at senior level. Played County week for Surrey.



British ranking of 1 in 2008 (Seniors tour)

ITF world ranking of 20 in 2005 (Seniors tour)

Hampshire seniors ranking 1 in 2008 & 2018

Highest LTA ranking of 2.3



Started playing at 15 years of age & competing in tournaments at 19 years.

Won well over 100 Titles /  Mens open, senior singles & doubles

Bracknell Ratings winner 5 times & Runner up 4 times

Aldershot & Farnham singles winner 4 times runner up twice.

Aldershot & Franham Doubles winner 6 times

Surrey mens doubles runner up twice

Surrey mens Singles over 35's runner up

National seniors runner up over 40’s 2008 Wimbledon.

Eastbourne ITF seniors singles winner over 35’s 2005 (Grade 1) 

Eastbourne ITF seniors Runner up doubles twice  (Grade 1) 

Tunbridge well seniors winner 2014 runner up 2013 & 2016

St Georges hill Ratings singles winner

St georges hill open mens open doubles winner

Aldershot open mens doubles winner 5 times

St georges hill seniors singles runner up twice

Wentworth open doubles winner 3 times 

Nottingham seniors doubles winner over 35’s

Woking seniors singles runner up over 35’s

Havant Seniors Runner up 2016 

Risely Men’s Ratings Singles runner up 2017

Cranleigh Mens open winner twice 2005 & 2007

Cranleigh Mens Runner up 4 times last was 2018

Cranleigh Mens Ratings Winner

Cranleigh Mens Doubles Winner once Runner up three times 

Halton senior singles winner 2019

Woking mens open doubles runner up 2019

Harpenden seniors runner up 2019



Players I should of beat but was to tired or gave up when I should not of

Restringing Articles
What happens to the ball with varying string tensions
Does Higher String Tension Give More Con[...]
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Mini Coaches                  

We take on juniors who are on our club program and employ them to help assist the head coach on our foundation classes. These players are selected from those who have done work experience, see below. 

Work experience                    

We allow children from 14 years of age to do work experience. This will involve helping out at the foundation class lessons for at least 2 weeks. This can be particularly useful for D of E awads scheme.

If interested please contact the head coach. 

Venue Address

Tennis and Children

Winston Churchill School

Hermitage Road

St Johns's



GU21 8TL

''Do not use for correspondence'' 

Latest News


3 tennis courts in excellent condition and floodlights just completed! Kinder on the body and easier to learn on than a tarmacadam court and great in rain or ice.



1944 SHOTS

Ella Harvey Yellow Premier

Anna Abramishvili Yellow Div 1

Did not miss a ball for 1 hour and 35 minutes

1010 SHOTS

Daniel Norton Yellow Division 1

Fraser Milligan Yellow Division 2


Federer funny video clip


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