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'Tennis & Children'  The Family Tennis Club 




TIMED TENNIS SINGLES / Saturday November 14th

Max of 6 players in each event 

Orange & green ball children play five 5 minute rounds

Yellow ball play five 11 minute rounds

Levels play one round on and then one round off


Orange & Green ball Crazy tennis / 1pm-2pm Cost £3

Not all orange level children are ready to play it will be open to the stronger orange ball children (Ask the head coach) 

Yellow ball Div 3 / 2pm-4pm Cost £6

Yellow ball Div 2,1 & Premier / 2pm-4pm Cost £6



Send a text to the head coach on (07779) 430179

State the players name and term level class

Refunds cannot be given once booked under any circumstances



Tournaments outside the club

LTA Rating (Free) You will need one for matches outside the club

Click onto link below for details



   Red-Orange-Green-Yellow ball


     Click onto link above. You will be taken to the LTA compettions page. Scroll down & Click onto               

    competition age groups and enter your child DOB. You will then be shown what colour ball competition        they can play. Click onto PLAY & COMPETE LINK ABOVE and then choose junior tennis competitions.        Then clickn onto summer or winter competitions. Then click onto LOCAL COMPETITIONS, then click        onto your child's relevant age group. You will be taken to a page with events. Look for the colour ball or        age group your child is in.  o the right of the page you can enter your postcode and distance you are            willing to travel etc. 

Venue Address

Tennis and Children

Winston Churchill School

Hermitage Road

St Johns's



GU21 8TL

''Do not use for correspondence'' 

Latest News


3 tennis courts in excellent condition and floodlights just completed! Kinder on the body and easier to learn on than a tarmacadam court and great in rain or ice.



1944 SHOTS

Ella Harvey Yellow Premier

Anna Abramishvili Yellow Div 1

Did not miss a ball for 1 hour and 35 minutes

1010 SHOTS

Daniel Norton Yellow Division 1

Fraser Milligan Yellow Division 2


Federer funny video clip


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