TENNIS AND CHILDREN ' The Family Tennis Club' Developing Tennis & Children Since 2000
    TENNIS AND CHILDREN ' The Family Tennis Club'         Developing Tennis & Children Since 2000 


We do not sell any of the items below or make any commission. You may also be able to buy the same product from other suppliers. These are the companies we have used for our own supply.


1) Waterproof Jackets & Trousers

2) Unique Tennis Glove for cold weather / Head coach uses  Click on link                                                                       Slips over your hand and permits you to insert racquet handle from the other side. Does not hinder play. Allows you to play in cold weather. Made of 100% breathable fleece. One size fits all. 

3) Quick play Tennis Rebound Net / all level of -players

Click on link to see you tube video  Easy to put up in the garden or any small area. A player can practice their tennis shots for hours. You can also use for football. A few minutes needed to put up and take down. The costs vary between £50 to £80. Just enter quick play tennis net and shop around. The video shows the players standing much further back. You can play a few feet away and still hit the ball hard.

4) Zsig rebound net  (Light and very portable) 

Red & Orange Ball Players Click onto link below

The Zsig net is great for red, orange and green ball players. Green & yellow ball players can also use it only a red or orange ball should be used as other balls may damage the net. The Quick play net above can handle proper tennis ball and be hit with more power and give a more relaible rebound when hitting harder. 

5) Red-Orange-Green level tennis balls Sports Direct click on link below / Best to order online as often cost less and more choice.

6) Children's tennis clothing 

 The coach buys form Decathlon EXCELLENT STORES TO SHOP IN and online is easy.  Great quality and prices especially their own brand ARTENGO 

Sports Direct click on link below / Best to order online as often cost less and more choice. Often have so very good offers.

7) Tennis elbow support (IT Band) Suffering from tennis elbow then this can help. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The head coach used it when he had tennis elbow. He was able to play without pain when it was on. Amazon and others also sell it.

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Tennis and Children

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Our Courts

3 tennis courts in excellent condition and floodlights just completed! Kinder on the body and great in rain or ice.



1944 SHOTS

Ella Harvey Yellow Premier

Anna Abramishvili Yellow Div 1

Did not miss a ball for 1 hour and 35 minutes

1010 SHOTS

Daniel Norton Yellow Division 1

Fraser Milligan Yellow Division 2





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