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An advanced player is a child who has ability for the game to at least reach top club / county level which can vary from county to county. These children will want to play more tennis, have a desire to improve and work hard on the court. We will let the parents know and recommend that the child embarks on more tennis.


What does the head coach look for when choosing a child 

Ideally at least advanced co-ordination and a good mover. Loves to play and wants to learn. Keen to play matches and practice inbetween lessons. Self motivated and disciplined. Parents that are keen to help theyre child and work with the coach. 


What is a natural talent

Our 5 catorgories of co-ordination (1) Low (2) Medium (3) High (4) Advanced (5) Natural

Not all the players I have worked with when I was head of the Surrey 10 & under squads and talent I.D were natural talents. Natural is when a child who has not played much and had little formal teaching looks like they have had a lot of court time and teaching. In other words they naturally hit the ball with the right style. They also have an ability to control the racquet head and be able to rally well. Children whose co-ordination is lower than advanced but love to play, learn quick and work hard on the court can sometimes surpass players with more natural ability. 


Our 5 point Plan For your child


     This can be with the parent using the clubs courts to play with their child. Two classes a               week may also be the way forward. Discounts for extra lessons.

2) INDIVIDUAL LESSONS / See link private lessons / restringing

     Tennis is a very technical game and it is important to form good habits when they are young.       Always easier to form new habits than change bad ones.


    Play tennis outside of lessons with others

4) Match play Within the club

     Visit this website and Click onto link 'TOURNAMENTS'

5) Match play Outside the club

    LTA Rating / You will need one for matches within and outside the club

    Click onto link below for details


    ENTERING  EVENTS outside the club


     Click onto link above. You will be taken to the LTA compettions page. Scroll down & Click onto               

     competition age groups and enter your child DOB. You will then be shown what colour ball competition        they can play. Click onto PLAY & COMPETE LINK ABOVE and then choose junior tennis competitions.        Then clickn onto summer or winter competitions. Then click onto LOCAL COMPETITIONS, then click        onto your child's relevant age group. You will be taken to a page with events. Look for the colour ball or        age group your child is in.  o the right of the page you can enter your postcode and distance you are            willing to travel etc. 


What we believe about developing your child's ability

We believe with our excellent group coaching and guidance from the head coach your child can reach their potential. The head coach can show the parents how to work with their child on the tennis courts which saves a lot of money. We will help you to play other good players in the club. Our main goal is for your child to become grounded in the basics, enjoy practicing and play matches. Junior tennis is important but only a stepping stone to the adult levels. 

 If your child has enough ability they must make sure they apply what they are learning everytime they play. This will cut down there need for so much one on one time with the head coach.


Our Top 10 points

1) Child's Ability

2) The Right coach / Has experience teaching and playing at higher levels / Understands techniques and game style required for the higher levels / Is liked by the pupil but not trying to be their best friend / Knows how to convey what they know in a way the pupil will understand / Can cater the training to the individual / The pupils best interests at heart, able to let the pupil go if there is a better journey somewhere else.

3) Parents that will help

4) Play more tennis

5) The right practice partners

6) Competition

7) Improvement

8) Work hard

9) A plan

10) 'Its all about love for the game'


Some concerns from the head coach 

Tennis can be a very expensive sport if you want to become really good at it. There are many coaches who suggest your child has lots of individual lessons and that they should play a lot of tournaments from 7 years of age. I have seen children become the best juniors but not have the game for the higher levels of adult tennis. This was sometimes due to the coaches not teaching the basics well enough, not having high standards or an understanding of what is needed for the higher levels of tennis. The child may also of given up early as to much pressure was placed on them when they were younger. Tournaments may of been more about results rather than developing their game and enjoyment. Of course everyone wants to win but not at the expense of long term development. The great Pete Sampras 14 time grand slam champion often played in older age groups and often struggled, but he was more keen to improve his game. 


Single handed backhands & the volley

Pete Sampras also went from a double handed to a single handed backhand at 14 years of age to have a better chance of winning Wimbledon.  I think his coaches probably should of done this when he was much younger. Unfortunately some coaches discourage one handed backhands especially amongst the girls usually because its harder to teach and the results take longer. Tennis is and individual game and coaches need to understand each players abilities and personality. Techniques are often over taught especially for the under 10's and creativity stifled especially when they don't teach the volley. I'm glad to say that single handed backhands are coming back and more players are volleying.


'Tennis A Game For Life'

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